A Professional Practice of Assessment & Therapy

S Gerald Hann Psychological Services in Halifax NS

Making the decision to see a psychologist can be difficult. We realize that you are seeking effective, comprehensive and time-limited solutions to your problem. As a clinical team, we offer a full range of psychological assessment and therapy across the lifespan. Whether you are seeking child, adolescent, adult, family, couple therapy or assessment services, we can provide the necessary support. With over 50 years of combined experience we have the skills, training and knowledge to assist you.

Many consumers of mental health services are often unaware that "counselors", "therapists", or "psychotherapists" are not government regulated titles in Nova Scotia, or most other Provinces. Therefore, we encourage all those considering treatment to seek out mental health services, which are offered by a regulated mental health provider, such as psychologists. This ensures the professional is qualified to offer treatment that is known to be effective. In Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology (NSBEP) oversees the practice of psychology.

If you are looking for therapy or assessment for yourself or a loved one, always choose a regulated mental health provider, such as a psychologist.

Our clinical team members are all registered/candidate registered psychologists, who individually and collectively, are dedicated to offering you or your loved one a wide range of professional services, which are empirically based and effective.

About our practice

Our practice is a private clinic that offers psychological services by regulated psychologists.

The mission of Dr. S. Gerald Hann Psychological Services is to promote improved mental health for individuals, families and the community using empirically based and scientifically proven assessment and treatment techniques. All psychologists at Dr. S. Gerald Hann Psychological Services are dedicated to the highest ethical standards and approach each and every client with compassion and respect.

Our practice shares office space within the Halifax Learning Centre, which offers the SpellRead program - a proven, science-based reading program for children, youth and adults. The Halifax Learning Centre is an ideal place for our practice to be located because like our clinical team of psychologists, the teachers and staff at the Halifax Learning Centre, are also dedicated professionals delivering the highest quality services with compassion and respect for all learners.

The Clinical Team

At Dr. S. Gerald Hann it is our belief that working collaboratively provides you with the best possible service. We work in partnership and routinely consult on assessment and therapy cases, often on a daily basis. Our team approach, provides many benefits to our clients. Firstly, because we have several professional psychologists working at the practice, you do not have to wait long for a therapy or assessment appointment. Secondly, we are able to collaborate on cases, which means that you don't only have one psychologist working on your behalf, you have several! Our regulated psychologists are always learning, staying up to date and sharing their skills.