Information contained in our files is not released without your informed written consent. This standard is adhered to in all circumstances, with the exception of circumstances where a psychologist is ethically and/or legally obligated to disclose information without your consent. Clinical files are maintained for a minimum of ten years and after that time period, they are destroyed. Only a record of a destroyed file is maintained after that time.

As part of their psychological services at Dr. S. Gerald Hann Psychological Services, clients are asked to consent to the following conditions:

  • Clients should be aware that details related to their sessions at the practice may be discussed with other members of the Clinical Team. Clinical consultation is standard practice at Dr. S. Gerald Hann Psychological Services and ensures effective and continuous service to our clients.
  • Psychologists at our practice will not release information about your treatment or assessment to anyone outside of the professional relationship, without your informed, voluntary and written consent. Exceptions to this include exceptional circumstances outlined below.
  • In certain exceptional circumstances, psychologists are ethically and legally required to disclose information to others without your consent. These circumstances include Court order, suspicion of child/elder abuse, and instances where the client may pose an imminent threat of injury to themselves or others. In circumstances where a client poses an imminent threat to himself/herself or others, the psychologist is ethically required to protect the person(s) in danger by informing police, medical or other clinical personnel.