Just talking it out makes
a world of difference

My favourite subject used to be
recess but now it's science

We've discovered each other again
after all these years

I still miss her but I finally feel ready
to start living again

Understanding past relationships has
helped me move on with new ones

Looking back, it's hard to believe my anxiety
was causing so many unexplained
physical symptoms

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Making the decision to see a psychologist can be difficult. We realize that you are seeking effective, comprehensive and time-limited solutions to your problem. As a clinical team, we offer a full range of psychological assessment and therapy across the lifespan. Whether you are seeking child, adolescent, adult, family, couple therapy or assessment services, we can provide the necessary support. With over 50 years of combined experience we have the skills, training and knowledge to assist you.

Our clinical team members are all registered/candidate registered psychologists, who individually and collectively, are dedicated to offering you or your loved one a wide range of professional services, which are empirically based and effective.