Effective Friday, March 20th, our office will be CLOSED FOR ALL FACE-TO-FACE APPOINTMENTS, until at least March 31st, 2020. Further notice will follow if this date changes and will be posted online. At the present time things are fluid and we appreciate your patience and understanding, as we all try to help one another, take care of ourselves, and the ones we love.

We are pleased to offer continued treatment via telehealth or phone, or you may wish to reschedule your bookings to a later date.  

Remote service is available for existing clients only.  New clients will be rebooked.

Email your treatment provider directly to let him or her know which of the following options you would like to use in the coming weeks.

Dr. Hann:

Dr. Truswell:

Option 1: Telehealth: We will be using “ZOOM” as a means to use TelePsychology/telehealth to our existing clients. Other options are available, but I have chosen ZOOM as our preferred method of telehealth/telepsychology. This video conferencing platform is free to use, but does require you to sign up for an account with your email address at:  If you would like to use TelePsychology for your upcoming appointment, please email your treatment provider directly to let them know you are comfortable with this option and a consent will be sent out via email, and you will be asked to reply to the consent email with the statement “I AGREE TO THESE CONDITIONS” in the subject line. After we receive your consent, the session will be scheduled and an invitation email for the session will follow. Instructions for Zoom are also available if needed. Payment for these sessions will be made as we normally do using the credit card on file and an email receipt will be sent. E/transfers are acceptable provided they are sent PRIOR to the session.

Option 2: Telephone: If you do not feel comfortable using video conferencing software, we are happy to provide help over the phone instead. Just provide us with the best number to call and your session can be completed by phone. You can email your provider directly with the phone number you’d like us to call you at during the scheduled time. Payment for phone sessions will be made using the credit card on file and a email receipt will be sent. E/transfers are acceptable provided they are sent PRIOR to the session.

Option 3: Rescheduling: You have the option to cancel your appointment (with no cancellation fee/charge) and reschedule to a later date if you choose. If you elect to cancel your appointment you can do so by emailing your clinician directly. New clients will be postponed and rebooked when the office reopens.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance at this most difficult time.

Dr. S. Gerald Hann