Paying For Services

Paying For Service

Private Psychological Services are not covered by MSI. Clients seeking services at our practice are required to pay and then submit their claim through their private health insurance. Clients are advised to check their private insurance plans, as well as any employee assistance programs at work in advance of service, as many plans cover part or all of the fees for psychological services. Your private insurance plan may or may not require a referral from your physician. Please check this in advance.

Our rate for psychological service is $195.00 per hour. Dr. Hann’s rate for psychological service may be higher depending on the expertise required. There is no tax on psychological service since it is considered a health related service and therefore HST exempt. Assessment, consultation and group costs depend on the service required. For non-therapy services, we will provide estimates in advance. Therapy costs are billed on an hourly basis for the time used.

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard or Interac. While we do accept cash, we prefer payment by credit card or debit. Cheques are not accepted. Clients are required to pay the fee at the end of each session. Receipts will be provided. We are unable to offer direct billing to insurance companies.

If you do not come prepared to pay for service, we will not be able to see you. You may find this strict, but this policy is intended for us to be able to focus on the psychological treatment and to avoid problems that could arise in the future if payment is not made at time of service. We reserve the right to proceed to collection for non-payment of fees.

Our Fees

Therapy and Consultation

Our rate for Therapy and Consultation is $195.00 per therapy hour (50 minute session). Dr. Hann’s rate for Therapy and Consultation may be higher depending on the expertise required. A therapy or consultation hour is 50 minutes of direct service and 10 minutes of indirect service. Indirect service is devoted to notes and file management related to your care.


Our rate for Assessment service is $195.00 per hour. Dr. Hann’s rate for Assessment service may be higher depending on the expertise required.

Many types of assessments are costly and we bill throughout the assessment process and provide receipts throughout, rather than providing you with a large bill at the end. We do provide you with an estimate of time needed to complete the entire assessment process before the process begins. In some circumstances, we may require a retainer before beginning the assessment process. Draft and final reports are not released before required fees are paid.


Our rate for Group therapy varies depending on the length of sessions and the duration of the group, but is generally less expensive than our $175.00 hourly rate.

Whenever possible we issue receipts for “psychological services” for our groups and in many cases group therapy is eligible to be reimbursed under private health plans. Please verify with your insurer in advance.

Late Cancellations and No Shows

Appointment times are reserved for your exclusive use and it is your responsibility to provide us with at minimum of 24-hours’ notice of cancellation, which allows us to offer the time to another client. Monday appointments must be cancelled no later than 5 PM of the preceding Friday. Appointments occurring on the day after a holiday must be cancelled 24 hours on the day before the holiday (e.g., If the holiday falls on a Monday the cancellation must occur on the preceding Thursday). When you initiate treatment, we ask you to provide a credit card number and signed authorization to bill your card in the event of a No Show or Late Cancellation. If you decide to not provide us with this information to secure your future appointments and fail to attend a scheduled appointment, we will contact after the missed appointment and ask you to settle the outstanding bill immediately. No future appointments can be held or made until your outstanding account has been settled. Receipts for missed appointments say “Missed Appointment” as it would be fraudulent to insurers to indicate otherwise.



Information contained in our files is not released without your informed written consent. This standard is adhered to in all circumstances, with the exception of circumstances where a psychologist is ethically and/or legally obligated to disclose information without your consent. Clinical files are maintained for a minimum of ten years and after that time period, they are destroyed. Only a record of a destroyed file is maintained after that time.

As part of their psychological services at Dr. S. Gerald Hann Psychological Services, clients are asked to consent to the following conditions:

  • Clients should be aware that details related to their sessions at the practice may be discussed with other members of the Clinical Team. Clinical consultation is standard practice at Dr. S. Gerald Hann Psychological Services and ensures effective and continuous service to our clients.
  • Psychologists at our practice will not release information about your treatment or assessment to anyone outside of the professional relationship, without your informed, voluntary and written consent. Exceptions to this include exceptional circumstances outlined below.
  • In certain exceptional circumstances, psychologists are ethically and legally required to disclose information to others without your consent. These circumstances include Court order, suspicion of child/elder abuse, and instances where the client may pose an imminent threat of injury to themselves or others. In circumstances where a client poses an imminent threat to himself/herself or others, the psychologist is ethically required to protect the person(s) in danger by informing police, medical or other clinical personnel.
Personal Health Information

Personal Health Information

As regulated psychologists we are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal health information. We collect, use and disclose the personal health information you entrust to us for a number of purposes, which are summarized in this policy.

All psychologists at our practice and other authorized practice personnel are only authorized to collect, use, and disclose the personal information needed to fulfill their responsibilities and for purposes permitted under Nova Scotia law, in particular the Personal Health Information Act.

The personal health information that we collect may include:
• Your name
• Date of birth
• Provincial health card number
• Address
• Health history
• Other information about the tests, procedures and care you receive

Collection of personal health information

We collect personal health information directly from you or the person acting on your behalf. Sometimes, we ask other health professionals or health-care organizations involved in your care for your personal information to help us provide care to you.

We may collect personal health information from other sources, if the law allows or with your informed consent. Personal health information may be collected and stored in different ways, such as your paper chart, electronic files and images. We collect personal health information as needed to support the services and activities described below.

Uses and disclosures of personal health information

We use and disclose your personal health information in order to:
• Treat and care for you during our involvement with you.
• Help other professionals outside of our practice also involved in your care (e.g., family physician).
• Receive payment for our services from a private insurer or third-party.
• Plan, administer and manage our internal operations.
• Fill other purposes permitted or as required by law e.g. reporting abuse.

Your rights

You may withdraw or withhold your consent for the following uses and disclosures of personal health information and we will do what we can to comply with your wishes:
• Use or disclosure to a specific health professional or health organization involved in your careinvolved in your care